Truck Scales

 Pitless Mounted Steel Weighing Platform 40-60-80-100 t


ESİT-JU-S is a steel weighbridge which has been developed based on long-term research and development. The name Jumbo refers to the scale's modular structure that enables weighing of even the largest vehicles

Jumbo was designed not only to provide a perfect weighing process, but also to offer long-term durability, easy assembly, easy handling, easy cleaning and ideal height. The number of load cells on ESİT-JU-S is at least two more than that on its likes.

This provides a homogeneous load distribution, making the load cells even more serviceable. Available in various sizes and capacities, ESİT-JU-S truck scales are used in combination with ESIT-SC load cells and ESIT PWI-T electronic weighing terminals as standard.

However, they can be integrated with other Esit products and customized to suit other fields and conditions of use. For example, the company offers relay output models to be used with ex-proof and filling scales in the presence of flammable and explosive materials..




  • Rubber pads
  • Multiple load cells
  • Low profile
  • Dust covers
  • Steel cable housings
  • Lightning protection
  • Assigning incremental sequence numbers to every weighing ticket
  • Memory capacity to store 100,000 weighing operations
  • Capability to recognize vehicles of fixed tare values 10 user-definable ticket data fields
  • Detailed reporting between given dates
  • Ability to edit ticket and report formats
  • Access to any data based on given criteria
  • Printer connection
  • Label and report printing
  • Legal metrology approval
  • CE certificate

Technicial Specifications


* Multi interval option available.

** You can find detailed information about Load cells and Mounting Kits, in Esit's Load cell and Mounting Kit catalogue.

*** You can find detailed information about the Indicators used with Truck Scales, in Esit's Indicator and Control Devices catalogue.





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