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Above Ground Steel Weighing Platform 40-60-80-100 t


ESİT Hippo is a modular steel weighbridge with pit-mount and surface-mount options. Designed to meet European standards in its respective industry, Hippo offers a strong static build which is suitable for use in every sector where legal loading and weight measurement is required.

ESİT Hippo weighbridges feature a modular structure with a width of 3 m and are produced in various lengths from 4 m to 24 m with 2 m intervals. Thanks to its modular structure, Hippo can be easily assembled and is suitable for international container shipping.

Hippo steel weighbridge is designed not only to provide robustness and long-term durability, but also to offer easy assembly, easy handling, easy cleaning and ideal height.

ESİT Hippo vehicle scales are equipped with ESİT SC load cells and SC EL rubber mounting kits as well as PWI-T microprocessor-based electronic weighing terminals as standard.




  • Rubber pads
  • Multiple load cells
  • Low profile
  • Dust covers
  • Steel cable housings
  • Lightning protection
  • Assigning incremental sequence numbers to every weighing ticket
  • Memory capacity to store 100,000 weighing operations
  • Capability to recognize vehicles of fixed tare values 10 user-definable ticket data fields
  • Detailed reporting between given dates
  • Ability to edit ticket and report formats
  • Access to any data based on given criteria
  • Printer connection
  • Label and report printing
  • Legal metrology approval
  • CE certificate

Technicial Specifications




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