Arm Barrier

 The different models of the arm barriers are used in the automation of the car park systems. This system is also used as a part of the safety system at the entries and exits of the private-sector companies or government institutions under the name of safety barriers. Today it's the mostly preferred product for the arrangement of the parking spaces due to the increase of the vehicle density.
Arma Arm Barriers are of international standard and quality thanks to their aesthetical appearance, stainless steel outer case not affected by the weather conditions and the powerful engine. The photocells on the barriers prevent the lowering of the barrier arm from the detection until the completion of the vehicle passage. Thus, the possible accidents are prevented. The operating speed can be adjusted according to the need of the user. The barriers might be controlled with alternate accessories like remote control, manual button, and card reader upon request, and different arm lengths can be used based on the width of the entrance.

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